Payment Day – “I’m a Teenager”


I feel like I just wrote my last payment day post yesterday, I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks.  June has been so busy, which is why there has been a lack of posting, and for that I apologize.

Last Friday my dad got married, and I had the pleasure of not only attending, but I was able to stand up there with both of them as my stepmom’s maid of honor.  Everything about that day was so beautiful, the weather was perfect and my whole family was so happy and filled the room with so much love.  I have been to a handful of weddings, and while they are all so lovely…and fun…I think this one felt extra special because of the people there that day.  My whole family took part in it – my sister and cousins were bridesmaids, my brother the best man, my godfather a groomsman (who I got to walk down the aisle with), my aunt is a wedding planner and coordinated the day, my grandpa (we call him Papa) and dad are both florists and made all the flowers and decorations at the church and reception. My dad helped make and put up the flowers and decorations at his own wedding.  So cool! Everywhere you looked and touched you could feel the love of the people around us – from the person handing you a program to the flowers on the wedding cake.

Having something exciting and special to look forward to, made me forget all about thinking about the upcoming payday and debt for the time being (still remembered I got paid on the 15th, not quite there where I can forget payday happened) and it was such an amazing feeling.  For the first time in a long time I felt like I was really living my life, in those two weeks, in the moment.  While thinking about what the future will be like can help ease your mind when you’re currently feeling down, living in the moment also can do your soul wonders.  I have a couple fun things coming up at the end of the month and in July and I am crossing my fingers the same effect will happen.

So with the wedding over and things going back to everyday life, it’s time for another payment day post. With this passing payday my new student loan balance is $19,641.34.  I joked with jmr and told him “oh look, I’m a teenager now.”  I had a nice chuckle at that – I’m hilarious, I know.

In-between working my full time job, working for my Papa on Saturdays at his shop and getting ready for the wedding, I made a little extra time these last two weeks to sell some unused stuff on Buy, Sell, Trade and have made an extra $160. I’m hoping with the stuff I still have left that hasn’t sold, to make another $200 more. It not only feels good to make some extra money, but I also love decluttering my house. I’m a huge organizer and find cleaning and organizing super relaxing. So it makes sense to clean out my closet while I’m also working on cleaning up my finances.

Oh and I also made time to binge watch Season 5 and 6 of Game of Thrones just in time for Sunday’s new episode. Someone gave us their HBO login information and I may be more excited about that than any SL payment I’ve made. #ALannisterAlwaysPaysHisDebts and so do I.

Until next time…

Current Progress:  7 loans paid off, debt balance $19,641.34


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