Side Hustling with My Hero


Like others in my debt fighting position, I found myself constantly reevaluating my budget. I try to find ways to cut costs here, get a discount there, live without [fill in the blank], but I feel like I am at a point where my budget can only be looked at so many different ways before I no longer can squeeze an extra penny out of it.

A big focus of a lot of PF blogs I read is side hustling.  It seems to be a great way to supplement monthly income and bringing in a large amount of cash to help pay down debt fast.  I am envious of the people out there who can make extra money working from home, and I found myself thinking what I could do to make extra money.  However, I don’t really have any special skills.

  • I am not crafty, so making things to sell on sites like Etsy is out of the question.  Unless you’d like pages I colored in from one of those adult coloring books.  I am really good at coloring…
  • I have a limited skill set on the computer, which includes typing really fast, using Microsoft Office products, uploading photos from my IPhone and organizing them in folders on my laptop (hello, OCD), and restarting my computer when it starts freaking out on me.  So I wouldn’t be good at starting a computer related side hustle, unless my side hustles involved fixing problems like “how do I fix this spacing problem in Word,” (which tends to be the computer problems I help my boss with and he makes me feel like a computer genius).  Also, I couldn’t help anyone make blogs.  I use a free WordPress site for mine…that I had my aunt help me make. Guys, this site is free, you seriously just go through the step-by-step process and I had a hard time with that.
  • Tutoring is out of the question.  I suck at math (I remember my math teachers saying “you won’t have a calculator everywhere you go,” thank you Apple gods for my IPhone). I couldn’t help with English.  I mispronounce words all the time.  Trust me, I write a lot better than I speak.  I also don’t know any foreign languages.  The four words I took away from my 2 years of Spanish are uno, hola, zapato and rojo.
  • I only take pictures on my phone and use whatever filters are provided through Instagram so photography is not really a side hustle option either.

All of these things are side hustles I have seen people do out of their homes around their 9-5 job, and since I do not possess any of these special skills I thought my only option was to get a part-time job.

But … if it is between getting a part-time job to pay off my debt faster or stick to my timeline of paying it off by July 2017, I decided to go with the latter.  I really value my time at home – with my introverted self on my couch, in yoga pants.  For 2 years in college I worked 3 part-time jobs Monday – Saturday (while also going to night school) and I was exhausted.  I decided after that time I would only get a part-time job, if it is a life or death situation, like if I didn’t have one I will become homeless or won’t be able to eat.  That is not the case.  I have a lovely home and I eat multiple times a day.  So since I couldn’t think of anything I could do for a little extra cash while lounging around my house, I decided just to be okay with the debt payoff schedule I was on until…

I was offered a job working for my Papa at his shop on Saturdays. 

Background:  My grandpa has been a florist for the last 50+ years.  Not only has he prepared weddings and parties for the most prestigious corporate and private events nationally and in St. Louis, his talents also made him a regular on home and garden and flower show circuits. He has appeared often on HGTV and Discovery, made appearances on NBC’s Today Show and been interviewed by hundreds of programs across the U. S. and Canada.  Now, being semi-retired, he opened a little shop showcasing antiques, handmade quilts, wall decor, home accessories, florals, and holiday decorations.  He is known to the world as “America’s Flower Man,” but to me, he is my grandpa, my hero.

The job requirements included:

  1. Being a cute granddaughter.
  2. Working 10-4 with the best grandpa around.
  3. Knowing how to turn on/off a computer, post things on Facebook, send emails, type things up in Microsoft Word, use a small amount of Excel and post pictures online.

… also I can wear yoga pants. Doesn’t that sound like a dream job?!?

I started working on Saturdays for my Papa in February.  He needed a little help with day-to-day basic computer skills and someone to watch the shop if he has a wedding to prepare for.  Although this is a “part-time job” or a “side hustle,” I really don’t think of it as that way.  I just really enjoy spending time with him, and look forward to our Saturdays together.  It’s only a bonus that I get paid to work there.

Since starting this Saturday side hustle, it has allowed me to move my debt free payoff date from July 2017 to April 2017, which I am so thankful for, but even if it didn’t benefit my debt payoff, this experience will be something I remember and cherish long after my debt has been repaid.

So even though I’m not good at crafting, have high-tech computer skills, suck at math, lack photography skills or any other side hustles that others are able to do from home, I am good at being a granddaughter and that is best side hustle around.


2 thoughts on “Side Hustling with My Hero

  1. I like how you call them side hustles. That’s so clever. That’s a good idea to get paid for something you enjoy doing in your spare time anyway. I wish I could get paid to play with my pet lizard or watch gymnastics in the Olympics.


  2. Aw, that is so sweet and it sounds like the perfect side hustle! If you ever need another side hustle, freelance writing might be a good option since you enjoy writing and blogging 🙂

    I can definitely relate to the lack of certain types of talents that would be perfect for side hustling. My hubby is very tech-savvy, great at photography, and does freelance graphic/web design. I wish I had so many talents that lend themselves well to side hustles!


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