Payment Day – 2


We’re only 19 days into 2017 and in these first few weeks of the year, I have officially started wedding planning (jmr and I had our first meeting with our priest and was able to book the church, book our wedding venue and booked a DJ), we celebrated our 3 year anniversary and also welcomed our new baby nephew into the world.  If this is any indication of how the rest of the year will be, well, I am just ecstatic to see it unfold.

I am also excited because I am SO close to being 100% debt free.  This last payment marked the one year anniversary of my first accelerated student loan payment.  I can vividly remember that first large payment I made.  It was on a Saturday.  I sat in my living room by myself and scheduled the $886.67 payment.  My heart was racing – it was such a large amount of money.  I hit the submit button and stared at the screen thinking “that’s it?”  I guess I thought confetti would explode out my laptop.  I had a balance of $30,964.24 at the time and the payment I made paid off my first two loans.  That Saturday was the weekend before MLK Day and the banks were closed that Monday.  The rest of the week I was so anxious because it took 6 days for my payment to post due to the holiday and in general long payments take to process.  Little did I know then what a journey this would be, and how I would have to fight that “anxious” feeling off many, many times.  In one year since that day I have paid off $29,426.44.  My new balance is $2,372.67.

I have come to terms with my final payment being on February 28.  I wanted to try to make it happen on February 15, but after applying all my side hustle money and paycheck, I would still be $200 away from that $0 balance.  I thought about finding things around my house to sell, but that is a job all in itself.  I also don’t have any large items that would make that much money in a sale.  (I did a lot of selling and purging of things last year.)  It would have to consist of little items, and I honestly don’t have the energy right now to obsess over it.  So I will wait the 2 weeks to the end of February, pay off my meager $200 balance, pay off my credit card for the month (Yes, I have a credit card.  I love it and I’ve had it for years.  I have paid off my balance every single month since I’ve had it), close all my bank accounts and hop on over to share one with jmr.  I am truly looking forward to that.  It will make things SOOO much easier since we live together.  No more splitting all the bills and groceries 50/50.  It will all come out of one account.* It will also be beneficial when we start writing checks for our wedding.

I have a little more than a month and three more paychecks to go until I make that final payment.  It feels so surreal and real all at the same time.  I can’t quite explain it.

Until next time…

Current Progress:  12 loans paid off, debt balance $2,372.67

Count Down Until Debt Freedom: 1 Months, 9 Days

*Since we are going to share accounts, I am not entirely sure the direction this blog will go.  I’m still trying to figure it out. Everything on this blog has been about my finances and my money.  It becomes touchy when another person is involved.  While I have no problem spilling all my money secrets on the internet – jmr is very private.  We will have joint finances and those will be his numbers too, not just mine, and I don’t feel comfortable sharing them.


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